I am Narmadha, author of namscorner. I work as software developer and cooking is my passion. I like to learn new things and techniques to improve my skills. I always have interest in cooking right from my school days. I used to watch most of the cookery shows in TV. Before marriage I used to try some new dishes whenever I get some free time. After marriage started cooking extensively and trying new things. Baking is my main area of interest though I experiment with lot of other dishes too. I used to try different recipes from online, cookery shows, books etc. Sometimes it turn out very good and I forget what recipe I followed exactly when I want to try next time . Gradually I started having my own notes in mobile to record my tried and tasted recipes.

After the birth of my second daughter, I took a break from work for sometime. At that time I was experimenting with lot of new dishes since I had more time and got the idea of starting blog and keep postponing.  Finally I am happy that I took time out to compile this blog when she is going to celebrate her first birthday. Now I try lot of healthy things for my kids too and thinking how to make them eat. 

This blog is more of personal e-book for me to record my tried and tasted recipes. I hope it may be useful for some others too. Happy to help people with any queries or doubts. Contact me @namscorner18@gmail.com.