Non Veg Lunch Menu 3 | Special Non Veg Lunch | Non Veg Virundhu

Non Veg Lunch Menu 3  | Special Non Veg Lunch | Non Veg Virundhu

Sharing with you all Non Veg Lunch Menu prepared for parties or guests. We always prepare elaborate Non Veg thali for virudhu for newly married couples. My Brother in law got married recently and when I invited them for first time, I made this elaborate Menu. I included vegetarian items in the menu since my co sister like more of veg than non veg. Below picture shows the veg items included. 

special_non_veg_thali_1 - 90247265_1726272844181563_9203032583569408_n

With little preparation we can easily prepare elaborate thali. I always do lot of planning and prep works when planning menu for guests. I prepare the starters, sweets and desserts day before and keep it ready. We always serve virundhu in banana leaf traditionally. Apart from what you see in pictures made white rice, rasam, curd and Chocolate Chip Ice cream for dessert. Let’s see the special non veg lunch menu first

special_non_veg_thali_1 - 89860637_661687034592286_7501344546366685184_n

Carrot Burfi

Paneer spring rolls

Tandoori Chicken

Vegetable Dum Biryani

Onion Raita

Mutton curry

Fish 65

Egg roast

Mutton Liver Masala

Chicken dry

Kovakkai fry

Ladies Finger masala

Potato Methi Roast

White Rice

Tomato Rasam


Chocolate Chip Ice cream

special_non_veg_thali_1 - 90595162_626950691223750_1000115548991782912_n

Preparation of Special Non Veg Lunch Menu

  • I used homemade paneer for spring rolls. So I prepared paneer from 1 litre milk two days ahead and kept in fridge.
  • Next prepared chocolate chip Ice cream on the same day I prepared paneer and allowed to set.
  • Prepare ginger garlic paste as we require it for many dishes. Grate the coconut and keep it ready.
  • Day before the virundhu I prepared carrot Burfi in the morning. Grating the carrot is the tedious job in that.
  • After preparing lunch I prepared the masala for paneer capsicum rolls.
  • In the evening prepared the spring rolls and kept in fridge.
  • In the night cut kovakkai, vendakkai and peel the small onions and kept it ready.
  • You can also boil the potatoes, peel the skin and keep it ready .
  • In the next day morning, before my hubby got the non veg items, I finished cooking the veg side dishes.
  • After cutting onions, tomatoes prepared okra masala in one stove, potato methi roast in another and kovakkai fry in induction.
  • So all three veg dishes will be ready in less than half an hour since we already cut them and made it ready
  • Next pressure cooked the mutton for kuzhambu and boil the eggs.
  • In the meantime, I cut the onions and prepared masala for curry.
  • Then prepared the rice for dum biryani and in parallel cut the veggies and onions for frying.
  • Once the rice is ready, I shallow fried the onions in the pan for Biryani and side by side prepared mutton curry.
  • Once the curry is boiling I cleaned the Chicken legs and prepared the marination for Tandoori Chicken and kept in fridge.
  • Next prepared the fish marination while boiling rice.
  • Layered the biryani and ready to dum. Keep in dum just half an hour before serving. You can put the tandoori in oven around the same time
  • Finally prepared the raita and rasam.
  • Fry the spring rolls and fish 65 just before serving.
  • It took me around 4-5 hours to prepare this elaborate thali.
  • I prepared this for group of 5-6 people only. It will take more time if you want to cook for big gathering.
  • Always prepare whatever you can before day to make your work easy on the day of cooking.
  • You can even get chicken and fish previous day and marinate and keep it ready.

special_non_veg_thali_1 - 90216471_213858679695960_4835291821267484672_n

This thali is just to give you an idea of how to prepare elaborati thali for parties or guests. You can substitute with any dishes of your choice while making it. I will add link to the recipes as and when I post it. This week I am planning to share some elaborate regional thali. 

special_non_veg_thali_1 - 90232585_209927300091654_1165514086725713920_n

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