Valaikappu Lunch Menu | Baby shower Lunch Menu

Valaikappu Lunch Menu | Baby shower Lunch Menu
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Valaikappu Lunch Menu | Baby shower Lunch Menu recipes. Baby shower is celebrated for woman who is expecting baby in her 7th or 9th month. It is also called as valaikappu or seemantham in Tamil. In tamil culture parents of the woman bring seervarisai or gifts for their daughter and then will have bangle ceremony where all ladies will put bangles for the expectant mother and keep santhanam and kungumam. They cook 7 or 9 types of variety rice for her on that day and then take daughter to their home for delivery.

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Once the function is over, other close relatives will cook for her and bring. You can enjoy some delicious food till delivery. I made this delicious platter for my sister in law. Traditionally they will cook lemon rice, tamarind rice, coconut rice, tomato rice. I choose different ones as I thought she will be bored of eating the same type of rice. I made seven types of rice along with all other side dishes. Didn’t plan to take pictures so some items may be missing in the banana leaf.

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Check out the individual recipes of Valaikappu lunch menu in the below links. Will add the pending recipe links as and when I post them.

Kalkandu Pongal

Curry leaves rice

Peanut rice

Mushroom tikka Biryani

Baby corn fried rice

Vaangi bath

Curd Rice

Pudina thogayal

Kadalai vendakai curry

Potato fry

Gobi Manchurian


Spring rolls

Puran Poli

Sathu maavu ladoo


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Preparation of valaikappu lunch menu

  • Proper planning is required to make so many dishes alone. I always plan ahead and start the prep work 2-3 days ahead of making the menu.
  • Started with making spring roll sheets 3 days ahead as well as prepared sathu maavu ladoo on the same day.
  • Next day prepared basundi and refrigerated and prepared the stuffing for poli.
  • Prepared Poli previous day early morning as stuffing was ready.
  • Then made all spice powders ready for curry leaves rice, peanut rice and vangi bath.
  • Made stuffing for spring roll sheets and prepared the spring rolls
  • Chopped veggies for fried rice and cleaned mint and coriander for thogayal.
  • On the day boiled rice for peanut rice, curry leaves rice and vangi bath first and allowed it to cool down.
  • Cooking rice for curd rice and prepared it first as I always use milk and curd. It will be perfectly ferment during lunch time.
  • Then started cooking side dishes one by one and parallely cooked rice for fried rice.
  • Once the side dishes are ready, made the tempering and prepared the peanut rice, curry leaves rice and vangi bath rice quickly as powders were ready previous day itself.
  • Kept pongal in cooker and made fried rice next and finally made the Biryani.
  • Enjoy the delicious menu.

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7 thoughts on “Valaikappu Lunch Menu | Baby shower Lunch Menu”

  • That is one awesome soread which indeed needs advance planning , prep work and also some extra hands. Nine kind of rice dishes sure sounds a lot. I had no idea that you guys have a specific menu for seemantham as well. Looks like you are an expert in creating elaborate meals.
  • Omg ! This is amazing ! So much variety of rice ! I think I can not even think of these . The complete spread looks like a treat and your sis in law is lucky to have you in her life . I had no idea that there could be a baby shower specific meal - interesting to read about it . And definitely the whole spread is simply wow !
  • What’s wonderful spread! Nice of you to prepare this for your SIL, congratulations to her and I hope she is doing fine. I love that spread in that it’s so different from the regular function foods. I am going to come back and look at it later leisurely.

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