Veg Lunch Menu 1 | Moong dal Karara, Kovakkai fry, pasta salad, Bottle Gourd Basundi

Veg Lunch Menu 1 | Moong dal Karara, Kovakkai fry, pasta salad, Bottle Gourd Basundi
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Veg Lunch Menu 1 includes Moong dal Karara, Kovakkai fry, pasta salad and bottle gourd basundi . I am planning to share with you all simple lunch menu ideas. Most of the lunch I prepare will be south Indian but will have dishes from other state as well sometimes. Mostly my weekday lunch will include rice, rasam or curd with one kuzhambu/sambar and poriyal. Weekend I make some elaborate meals with two to three side dishes.

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This week I am planning to do everyday meals thali as part of blogging marathon. Lunch menu I am sharing today is combination of north and south. I prepared Rajasthani Moong dal karara with simple kovakkai roast and paired with some pasta salad for lunch. Prepared Bottle gourd basundi previous day as dessert for saturday lunch. Check the individual links for detailed recipe with step by step pictures. Some recipes will be added later. Lunch Menu 1 includes

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Moong dal karara

Kovakkai fry

Pasta salad

Tomato Rasam


Bottle Gourd Basundi

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Preparation on Lunch Menu 1:

  • We need to soak moong dal for making fritters. Soak them early morning for 3-4 hours. 
  • So by the time we finish breakfast and start preparing lunch moong dal fritters can be prepared. 
  • Slice the kovakkai and put them in one stove and prepare the gravy in other stove. 
  • We can boil the pasta and add the seasoning of our choice to prepare pasta salad. 
  • Finally prepare some rasam which is mandatory most of the days for my daughter. 
  • You can make some roti/Chapati to pair with the gravy instead of rice too. 
  • You can prepare any dessert previous day and refrigerate it. 

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