Pongal Festival Menu | Pongal Lunch Menu

Pongal Festival Menu | Pongal Lunch Menu

Pongal Festival Menu | Pongal Lunch Menu. Pongal is celebrated as harvest festival for four long days in Tamilnadu. It is always very special in our home. My father always celebrates Pongal more than Diwali. We will get new dress for Pongal and we always celebrate it on early morning when the sun rises. Each family and each state will have different way of celebrating Pongal. Pongal celebrations start with Bhogi, followed by thai pongal, mattu pongal and kaanum pongal. 

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Most of the people in villages celebrate mattu pongal which is celebrated for cows for helping farmers in harvest. Here I have shared the dishes we make on the day of Pongal. We always make Paal Pongal and sakkarai pongal in a pot. My mom makes Pongal sambar with many vegetables and also make yellow pumpkin poriyal. In my parents home we will eat pongal for breakfast as well as for lunch. My hubby don’t eat pongal at all so I have to prepare rice for him. Here is the simple pongal festival menu. 

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Paal Pongal

Sakkarai Pongal

Pongal sambar

Yellow pumpkin poriyal

Medu vadai

Sago Payasam

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Dishes not included in the picture


Paruppu Rasam


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  • Start with soaking urad dal for vadai as soon as you get up. 
  • Then you can prepare the pot for pongal. Checkout my pongal recipe post for details and pictures
  • Boil the dal for sambar in induction and start making Pongal in the two stove. 
  • Then cut the vegetables for making sambar and keep it ready. 
  • Once the pongal is done, we can prepare sambar, poriyal and payasam. 
  • Finally prepare the batter for vadai. 
  • Better to celebrate and offer to sun god on early morning. 

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7 thoughts on “Pongal Festival Menu | Pongal Lunch Menu”

  • The festive meal always sounds divine and the meal sure looks special . I have a weakness for sakkari pongal :) I need to yet try that sambhar made on Pongal days. Must be yummy with all those mixed vegetables.
  • My mother in law has a fixed menu for Pongal. Here thankfully everyone loves Pongal, so I don’t have to make anything separate for anyone else. Growing up my brothers won’t eat it and amma had to prepare something else for them. Lovely spread and the vadas look crispy and yum !
  • Sweet pongal sounds yum and loved your detail description about the celebration and how you go about preparing it.

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